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Research Association New Zealand (RANZ) is the only industry body dedicated to professional providers and users of research and insights. The Research Association New Zealand brand is a trust-mark for clients, employers, colleagues and other industries and indicates that the bearer is a member of an expert community, which upholds the highest professional and ethical standards.

About us

Welcome to the official website of Research Association New Zealand. You are probably visiting our website either because you work in our industry or you have an interest to find out more about it and about us. You might have questions like “What is research? Do I need it? Why do I need it? How do I decide what providers and methodologies to use?”. Well you’ve come to the right place. 

To quote Fredrick Nauckhoff "The purpose of marketing intelligence is to provide management with the facts, information and insights it needs to rapidly make the best, most efficient business decisions" and we agree with that concise assessment.

Research Association New Zealand was formed in 2013 from the Market Research Society and Association of Market Research Organisations, and exists to support the development of the community of professional providers and users of research and insights. Professional researchers are ideally placed to integrate the new and exciting techniques and technologies with the proven statistical and investigative disciplines that the research profession is already famous for.

Our aims for this website are to build a set of resources to help members and non-members to become better researchers. To understand their markets and market opportunities better. To produce better outcomes for their customers, clients, shareholders, employees and the wider public. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything you need that you can’t find on the site.

RANZ Membership

RANZ membership is recommended to any individual or firm engaged in the profession of sourcing information and insights for commercial or social decision-making, whether on the client or supplier side of the profession. An elected Board of seven, an executive committee and a small management team offer a portfolio of valuable products and services suited to the needs of members and the markets they are engaged with:

1. Professional Development Opportunities. RANZ hosts at least ten learning events every year encompassing a range of subject matter. At these events you will meet various experts in their fields as they share their professional insights and experiences.

2. Annual Industry Conference or Awards Event. Every year the association hosts either a conference or Awards event, bringing together hundreds of members with subject matter experts to celebrate the best of our industry and the wider insights eco-system.

3.Industry Advocacy. RANZ advocates across various audiences for the relevance, development and growth of the research and insights industry.

4. Information and Communications. RANZ facilitates sharing of relevant information between members via regular email on relevant matters, an industry quarterly newsletter, monthly updates and a variety of social media channels.

5. Access to Alliances. Our association is highly networked both locally and internationally providing access to opportunities with industry associations both within New Zealand and around the world.

6. Industry Statistics and Information. The association collects a variety of information from members and other sources which is available to better understand the size, trends and health of the industry.

7. Standards. The Code of Practice binds all members to ensure industry standards are maintained in line with NZ laws and international professional guidelines.

8. Use of RANZ Branding. The RANZ brand can be used alongside your personal or business branding in your communications, proposals, reports etc. It demonstrates that you are a professional in your field and are committed to ongoing learning and upholding the standards embodied in our Code of Practice.

9. Marketing, Business Development and Networking. If you are seeking to build relationships, the association provides at least a dozen opportunities every year from professional development events, annual conference or awards, annual general meeting and the annual Christmas party. Strategic partnership opportunities are also available for firms, who want to build their brand with suppliers, agencies and clients.

10. Member Discounts and Incentives. Our close relationships with other associations mean that members can access member rates for many international webinars and events.

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