Upheld complaints

Code of Practice Ruling February 2024

Decision in Golden Mile Complaint against Curia

RANZ has decided that the Golden Mile Poll does breach the RANZ Code of Practice and the RANZ Polling Code.

a) The Poll includes questions that are not prepared in accordance with accepted research principles, methods and techniques.
b)  The Poll was publicly criticised for poor research practice.  Our concern is that this discredits our profession. The Poll was published online and claimed to be ‘conducted in accordance with the Research Association New Zealand Code of Practice’.
c)  The Poll did not use wording that ensured fair and unbiased results.

RANZ does acknowledge there is an ongoing need for education to reinforce the principles of good practice in questionnaire design to all RANZ Members and plans to soon offer education to all interested Members on this topic. This is the official position of RANZ regarding the complaint about Curia’s involvement with the Golden Mile Poll.

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