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We would like to acknowledge and thank our strategic partners for their support of the Association. Their contributions assist us to provide the various member services we organise. We encourage the members to support the partners who are supporting us. 

Platinum Partner: Website

Perceptive is about actionable insights. Insights into your brand, into your customers, into your industry; insights that are designed to help grow your business—smarter.

As Australasia's leading technology-based customer intelligence agency, our work has provided companies in over 40 countries with the intelligence they need to expand their presence and reinforce their success.

We give leadership teams the confidence (and evidence) to push ahead with customer-focused change.

That's been the moral of our story for over 14 years.

RANZ, in its charge to support and develop the community of professional providers and users of research and insights, is in a unique position to further strengthen the insights industry through a strong involvement with the next generation of market insights professionals at the tertiary level. This involvement can take the form of mentoring or internship relationships, project work or “shadowing” a market insights leader in order to enjoy a more nuanced insight into the industry. This involvement also serves the insights industry partner by introducing a new “lens”, or mindset, to the crafting of information into insight, as well as new tools and methodologies in the development of marketing intelligence.

The ongoing legacy that these insights industry and university-student partnerships offers to its membership ensures a persistence of its aims to integrate new and exciting techniques, technologies and already-established excellence within the wider RANZ community."

Dr Drew Franklin, Lecturer, Department of Marketing
Auckland University of Technology

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