18 & 19 MARCH 2024

This time we hosted our APRC (Asia Pacific Research Committee) colleagues from around the region in a joint event.

At our previous conference in 2022, we asked… "AI in Insights: Friend or Foe?”. We had a feeling at the time that change was coming. We had no idea just how suddenly that change would happen. 

This year's theme aimed to get us thinking about the future of “us", the humans in the story. As large language models like ChatGPT rapidly weave their way into the insights industry, how will our role evolve? What are we doing now that we soon won’t need to do? What will we soon be compelled to do that we haven’t even considered yet? 

We explored the human element in an increasingly machine-driven insights world. As non-humans perform more and more creative tasks, what continues to set us apart? Is there anything enduringly unique about human intelligence, human creativity, and human empathy, or is the silicon coming for those qualities too? 

Click on the link below to see our list of speakers and to find out who the winners were!

View our list of speakers HERE

Powered by PechaKucha

Market researchers with less than three years' experience presented in the Powered by PechaKucha competition (20 slides x 20 seconds each) at the RANZ & APRC Conference.

The winner was Sarah McGruddy of Ipsos with her presentation "The Delicate Dance of Belonging". The Finalists were Evie Strawbridge of Research First, Eleanor Bonetti of Kantar, and Hajar Sharood of Auckland Unlimited.

We wish to thank the Powered by PechaKucha mentors, lead by Fellow Catherine Frethey-Bentham, with Fellow Lee Ryan and Board member Herbert Sima. Judges were Professor Bodo Lang, Karin Glucina and Tom Stevenson.

For further information on PechaKucha HERE.

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